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Sports Medicine

About Dr. Timothy Dekker

Dr. Tim Dekker is a sports medicine and non-operative orthopaedic specialist. His training is in family medicine and further specialized into sports medicine with completing a fellowship. Dr. Dekker is very proud of his family medicine background and tries to bring a family physician attitude into the orthopedic office. He knows the complexity of a typical primary care office visit. A patient throws 3,4 or sometimes 10 different complaints at you, all while you are trying to hit quality measures, refill medications, write your note and of course help your patient. Often the patient’s musculoskeletal issues get pushed aside out of necessity of focusing on more urgent matters. Or, an orthopedic consult is placed and patients often get an unnecessary surgery or are dismissed without much direction. With continued pain their overall health dwindles because they become less active and require more pain medications. These are the reasons Dr. Dekker specialized in Sports Medicine. He has the opportunity to focus the excellent attention that all primary care physicians give to each patient solely on musculoskeletal conditions. He helps patients recover from acute injuries, prevent or improve chronic pain and/or delay the need for surgeries. Dr. Dekker’s primary goal is to get patients living active lifestyles to improve their overall health. In addition, by having partners that are subspecialized orthopedic surgeons in joint replacement, sports orthopedics, foot/ankle and spine surgery, if a surgery is required he is able to fast track your patient to see the perfect surgeon for their condition.